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Here at Parents Under Maintenance, our mission is to embrace and inspire clients with influential mentors empowering one parent at a time, across the world. Parents Under Maintenance creates information packages specific to each client's case. The goal is to provide support to single parents of all races, religion, and gender. Parents Under Maintenance will and does spread positivity touching more lives expediently by educating.

What We Do


Reinforcing our Commitment

  • Financial literacy program (Earn, Spend, Save, Invest, Borrow and Protect)

  • Neighborhood Cleanups

  • Clothing Closets (Infants-Adults)

  • Survival Kit/Blessing Bags (for the Homeless)

  • Community Garden

  • College Prep

  • High School/Trade School Program

Volunteers Cleaning

Parents Under Maintenance: Our Story


We are a family-owned non-profit organization. We are volunteers and community helpers. Does your family or neighborhood need help? Well, we want to be there for you and everyone else. We are stepping up and offering you a helping hand the best way that we can. If you need help or want to do some good for your community, give us a call. We will come to you, or you could meet us at one of our events!

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